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Are You Wasting Your Workouts???

Are You Wasting Your Workouts???

One of the greatest ways that you can expedite results of your training program is to make sure that you are getting proper nutrition after a workout. A number of studies suggest that if you do not get the proper post workout nutrition you are dramatically decreasing the effectiveness of your training sessions.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about post workout nutrition:

Q: Should I have a shake or real food?

A: A shake with a mixture of protein and carbs within 10-15 minutes post workout is ideal. A shake will be absorbed by the body more quickly and it will speed up the recovery process. However, if you prefer to have a meal, this is of course acceptable as well.

Q: How much protein should I be consuming post workout?

A: .25 – .3 grams of your total body weight. Example: A 200 lb. man should having 50- 60 grams of protein.

Q: What type of protein powder should I use?

A: Whey protein is your best option as it has been routinely shown to yield superior results than other forms of protein powder. However, there are also some great options available in the form rice, pea, and hemp proteins.

Q: How many carbs should I be consuming post workout?

A: This will depend on the type of workout you are doing and how much body fat you currently have. In general, the leaner you are and the more repetitions you are performing (or if the workout is more aerobic in nature) in any given workout the higher the carbohydrate consumption should be. If you feel like you have quite a bit of weight to lose and/or the repetitions are lower (or the workout is less aerobic) you should keep the carbs  little lower. This could range from about 120 grams if you are extremely lean and/ or you performed a high number of repetitions during a workout on the high end or down to around 25 grams if you have a lot of weight to lose and you performed a low number of reps in your workout (1 rep max days/ Power Days, etc.) on the low end.

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