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Alleviate Chronically Tight Muscles And Joint Pain?


Chris and Anne Fredrickson developed Fascial Stretching Therapy over that past 20 years after working with countless professional and Olympic athletes. It is quickly being recognized as one of the leading modalities across the globe to optimally increase (and sustain) flexibility, alleviate chronically tight muscles and decreasing joint pain. What’s the best part? It’s almost completely pain free!!!

Benefits of Fascial Stretching Therapy

  •  Improved Posture
  •  Improve Mental and Physical Relaxation
  •   Increase Balance and Symmetry of the Body
  •  Reduce the Risk of Injury, Especially Sprains and Strains
  • Reduce or Eliminate Back Problems and Pain
  • Reduce Muscular Soreness and Tension
  • Reduce Pain Associated With Menstruation
  • Release Endorphins that Act As a Natural Pain Suppressant.
  • Evening out leg and arm length discrepancies


“I’ve been struggling with bursitis and tendinosis in my left arm and nothing alleviated the pain (including cortisone injections and physical therapy) until the addition of Eric’s Fascial Stretching Therapy to our workouts. The first Fascial Stretching Therapy session relieved the pain by at least 80 percent and after our second session the pain was almost non-existent! This therapy is unlike any treatment I’ve ever had. It feels like both an intense stretching session and a deep massage at the same time. Just one Fascial Stretching session every few weeks makes a huge difference!”
- Patricia Heaton “Patty Hunt”, Actress – Everybody Loves Raymond/ The Middle

“Fascial Stretching Therapy sessions with Eric is better than getting a massage, you walk away feeling relaxed and two inches taller! Once you experience the relief that comes with this type of stretching you’ll quickly realize that it is an essential part of your exercise and wellness regimen”
- Kimberly Stevens

“Following a minor hip injury, I was altering between hot yoga and light stretching hoping for pain relief. Both helped, but it was the one session of Fascial Stretch Therapy with Eric that provided the most relief. After one session, my hip pain reduced by approximately 90% and now I’m able to go for longer walks and runs. I highly recommend this unique type of stretching because I’ve had great results with it”
- Cynthia Lozano

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