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"Eric Allen is the most thorough trainer I have ever worked with, combining personally-tailored workouts with a holistic approach to his clients' overall well-being. Eric's comprehensive knowledge of the human body reinforces his ability to fine-tune both his physical work-out and dietary recommendations providing clients with the tools to reshape their bodies and reinvigorate their energy. Eric's continual study and research of current thinking in the holistic health world insures that his clients get the most up-to-date information and service. He constantly measures and monitors his clients, and adjusts their workouts and supplements to gain maximum results. I have been so impressed with Eric that I enlisted him to work with my teenage sons, and I have seen a marked improvement in their physical and mental well-being." Patricia Heaton "Patty Hunt" Actress – Everybody Loves Raymond / The Middle
"Eric has a very rare combination of being tough, completely focused, and lots of fun. His dedication and thirst for knowledge are unparalleled. I always look forward to my sessions with him." Emily Bergl Actress – Desperate Housewives / Southland
"Miami Body Boot Camp changed my life! After many years of a sedentary lifestyle I decided to take a chance with Eric Allen. his professionalism and attention to individual needs has led me to lose 45 lbs.! Anyone who is seroious about a change in their life needs to get of the couch and into Eric's Miami Body Boot Camp!" Sergio Alvarez
"I have worked with many of the top personal trainers in the country for over 20 years and have never had as professional, knowledgeable, or personable a personal trainer as Eric Allen. His knowledge of the body and how to achieve your desired results is phenomenal; his "Body Diagnostic" analysis is something that I have never experienced before, but it allowed us to really focus on getting measurable results where I needed them. He uses a range of exercises, machines, and weights to keep the hour interesting and fresh each day. He is accommodating, responsible, always on time, engaging, and totally professional in his efforts. He is the best trainer I have ever encountered, and the results I achieved make him worth every penny!" David Horn - Chairman of Sierra Capital / Oldstone & Co Chief Investment Officer of Avalon Trust Company
"All of this, combined with Eric's professionalism and energetic personality makes him one of the most outstanding trainers in Los Angeles."Of all the personal trainers I have worked with, I have found Eric Allen to be far and away the most effective. Anyone can push me to my limits with weights and exercises, but Eric's particular skill is to measure exactly what my goals are and then create a comprehensive program including nutrition, supplements, and exercises specifically suited towards that goal. He begins the program by meticulously measuring body composition and assessing one's physical fitness. He then tailors an exercise, nutrition and supplementation program aimed at the clients particular situation and goals. His particular program for me has produced unbelievable results in only 8 weeks. I have seen my body fat shrink by 4% and have gained 8 pounds of muscle since working with him. I'm very lucky to work with him and would recommend him to anyone serious about results." Habib Azar Director – Days Of Our Lives
"Eric is a wealth of well composed, comprehensive and poignant health information. He approaches training from a tactical and extremely well educated perspective. He is a pleasure to work with and has taken the time to understand the unique challenges of my business and lifestyle. He has a disarming ability to communicate the science of the body so that I can easily understand and apply it to my goals. In the 2 months we have been working together I have lost 15 or so pounds of body fat, toned up and gained lean body mass. We plan to continue until I am sub 10% body fat! I have every confidence we will reach our goals. Having worked with Eric I have a much greater understanding of what is going on with my body and what it's really going to take to change it." Randy Ross Film Producer / Director