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Brickell Personal Trainer!!!

Tailor a fitness program to meet your needs.

Get in Shape, be healthy, achieve the desired body you want. Whatever your personal training needs are, Eric Allen can help meet and exceed your goals. Eric Allen has trained everyone from celebrities to the general population in Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami and his clients testimonials speak volumes about the results that follow when using his programs. Expect to feel a sense of accomplishment with your training sessions. Unlike many other personal trainers in Bricekll, Eric Allen will push you to get results.

Eric Allen is trained and specializes in the following areas of personal training.

  • 1. Body Fat Reduction
  • 2. Strength Gain
  • 3. Increasing Flexibility
  • 4. Hormonal Balancing
  • 5. Individualized Nutritional Programs

Eric Allen will help motivate you and provide you with the coaching you need to get the body you desire.

Call for a consultation or with any questions about how Eric Allen can help you meet and exceed your goals 630.865.5772