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Are Food Allergies Making You Fat???

Are you one of those individuals who does EVERYTHING “right” and still does not get rid of the fat that you are looking to lose?

Typically when I have my clients come in for a Bio Signature check in we go through a series of questions to evaluate what the past couple weeks have looked like….

How well did you stick to your food list? Show me pictures.

How many hours of sleep did you get on average?

How many days of the week did you drink. How many drinks?

How stressed were you on a scale of 1-10?

Did you complete your workouts outside the gym?

Did you take your recommended supplementation?


If the responses to all of these questions are to my liking over a period of a couple months it’s time to dig a little deeper as to why they are not losing the weight they want.

So what’s the next step?

Recently I have been seeing great results with MRT testing.

This stands for MEDIATOR RELEASE TEST. In short, what this test does is show you what foods cause an INFLAMMITORY RESPONSE in your body.

WHAT’S EVEN MORE INTERESTING is that the foods that you eat everyday that you would consider “healthy” might actually be the problem!

Staying away from these foods can help with everything from weight gain, to energy levels to avoiding chronic disease.

SO! If you feel that you are one of those people who do everything “right” and are still not energized, still not losing weight, and still suffering from other ailments this might be the test for you!

Below are two links to resources that you will want to look into.



Also, If you would like to come in for a free evaluation at Infinity Fitness I would be more than happy to walk you through the process.

Committed To Your Success,

Eric Richard Allen